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Fence Replacement vs. Repair: Which One is Best for You?

By Colby Coward / March 2, 2023

Fences are a beautiful addition to any home but can be an eyesore if not properly maintained. Fences are essential to any property, providing security and privacy and adding value to your home. However, fences can deteriorate over time due to weather conditions, pest infestation, and wear and tear. Fences last a reasonable amount of time, but the type of wood, frequency of treatment, and whether or not it’s painted or stained can all impact its aging process. As a homeowner, you should regularly inspect your fences for signs of damage and general wear and tear.

If you notice any signs of damage, such as loose or broken boards, fading paint, or rusted hardware, it may be time to consider fence replacement or repair.

Fence Replacement vs. Repair

Fence repair involves fixing the damaged sections of the fence to restore its functionality and appearance. Depending on the extent of the damage, repair work may involve replacing some sections of the fence or fixing broken boards, posts, or rails. Fence repair is an excellent option for minor damages that don’t compromise the fence’s integrity. If the fence is still relatively new and the damage is minimal, repairing the fence can be the best solution.

fence replacement

Fence replacement involves removing the old fence and installing a new one. This option is suitable for severe damage that simple repairs cannot fix. Fence replacement is also better if the fence is old and beyond its expected lifespan. Replacing the fence can also improve the security and privacy of your property or enhance its overall look and value.

Several factors determine whether to repair or replace a fence. These factors include:

  1. Extent of Damage: The extent of the damage is the most crucial factor in deciding whether to repair or replace the fence. If the extensive damage compromises the fence’s integrity, then replacement is the best option.
  2. Age of the Fence: Repair may be the best option if the fence is relatively new and the damage is minor. However, if the fence is old and beyond its expected lifespan, replacing the fence can be a better investment.
  3. Cost: The cost of repair versus replacement is also a critical factor to consider. If the repair cost is too high or the fence is beyond repair, then replacement is the best option.

A fence repair is a viable option for minor damages that do not compromise the fence’s integrity. Fence replacement is the best option for severe damage or old fences beyond their expected lifespan.

Signs it’s Time to Replace

Damage from an Accident

Accidents can cause severe damage to your fence, making it beyond repair. For instance, a fallen tree or a vehicle collision can cause significant damage to your fence. If a major accident or weather event has damaged your fence, you’ll likely need to replace it. Large hail, falling trees, or a vehicle crash can typically cause significant structural damage beyond what can easily be repaired. You should always be able to notice extensive damage to your fence. Replacing your damaged fence could save you more money than temporarily mending it could cost you.

Holes in the Wood

If you notice holes in your fence, insects, wildlife, microorganisms, or rot are likely cause the damage. Don’t let their small size fool you. When you notice these holes, it’s almost a definite sign that there’s far more significant damage within the fence that you can’t see from the exterior. Pests such as termites can cause significant damage to the wood, making it weak and brittle. Rot can cause the wood to deteriorate and weaken, making it more susceptible to damage. If you notice holes in the wood, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to replace your fence.

Broken or Missing Boards

Broken or missing boards are one of the most visible signs of a fence that needs replacing. This can compromise the integrity of your fence, making it less secure and less effective at providing privacy. If you notice multiple broken or missing boards, it indicates that your fence needs replacement.

Wood Splintering

Wood splintering can be a sign of aging or damage. Over time, the wood can become brittle and prone to splintering, making it less effective at providing security and privacy. If you notice significant wood splintering, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to replace your fence.


Discoloration of the wood can be a sign of aging or damage. Exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow can cause the wood to fade and lose its natural color. The wood has started rotting or molding if you see yellow or gray stains on your fence. This problem is common in areas with a lot of rain. If you notice significant discoloration of the wood, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to replace your fence.

Leaning Fences

A leaning fence can be a sign of damage or instability. Unfortunately, a leaning fence can’t be fixed by straightening it again. Leaning is usually caused by a weakening of the posts and is the first sign of more trouble. Leaning can cause warped or broken fence boards, which could lead to more extensive damage later on. Over time, the ground can shift, causing the fence posts to become unstable and start leaning. Leaning fences are less effective at providing security and privacy and can be a safety hazard. If you notice that your fence is leaning, it indicates that it’s time to replace it.

Several signs indicate that it’s time to replace your fence, including damage from an accident, holes in the wood, broken or missing boards, the splintering of the wood, discoloration, and leaning fences. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to consult a professional wood fence contractor who can advise you on the best course of action. Replacing your fence can improve your property’s security, privacy, and overall appearance, making it a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Texas Best Fence & Patio

If you need fence replacement, you want to choose a contractor with dedication to deliver high-quality results. At Texas Best Fence & Patio, we have provided top-notch services to our clients. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your fence replacement needs:

fence replacement
  1. Experience: We have the skills and knowledge to handle any fence replacement project, whether big or small. We have worked on various types of fences and have encountered different challenges, giving us the experience to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs.
  2. Quality Materials: We use the highest quality materials for fence replacement projects. We source our materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring they are durable, long-lasting, and withstand Texas weather conditions.
  3. Expertise: Our team is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of fence replacement. We have the expertise to handle every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the final installation, ensuring that your fence replacement project is completed efficiently and to your satisfaction.
  4. Customization: Every property is unique, so we provide customized fence replacement solutions that meet your needs. Whether you need a fence for security, privacy, or aesthetic purposes, we can design and install one that meets your requirements.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Quality fence replacement services should be affordable. That’s why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We provide transparent pricing so you know exactly what to expect before we start your project.
  6. Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional customer service. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and experienced fence replacement contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Texas Best Fence & Patio should be your top choice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you with your fence replacement needs.

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