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Tips for Maintaining your Concrete Patio

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

Concrete is a highly durable and impact-resistant material, making it an ideal choice for an outdoor patio space. By keeping your concrete properly maintained, you’ll keep your patio safe and attractive so that you can enjoy it all summer long. If you have a concrete patio, get it ready for spring and summer with these tips for maintaining concrete.

Twice Yearly Cleaning

Thoroughly clean your patio twice a year:

  • Use a garden hose or pressure washer to rinse dirt and debris off the patio surface.
  • Add a small quantity of liquid dish soap to the patio surface and scrub with a push broom.
  • Use the garden hose or pressure washer again to clear the dish soap completely.

Allow the surface to air dry for 24 hours, or speed up the drying process with a leaf blower. If you have a decorative concrete, talk to your outdoor contractor about the best type of cleaner to use.

Periodic Cleaning is Important

You should also sweep your patio periodically to clear litter and stray branches. Do you use your patio as an outdoor eating area? Clean up food and drink spills right away to avoid staining. During the outdoor patio season, keep an eye out for other debris and marks as well such as metal garden furniture leaving behind rust marks.

Joint Sealing

Check access covers and any other components of your patio that have joints to make sure that they’re sealed properly. Improperly sealed joints may collect dirt or be invaded by weeds, which compromises the look of your patio. If severe cracks occur, water may seep underneath the concrete, which will lead to other issues.

Crack Repairing

Concrete can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear. But there are external factors, such as ground settlement that may cause it to crack. Once or twice a year, inspect the concrete patio for signs of cracks or crevices. If you do spot a crack or crevice, repair it right away. Taking care of a crack quickly will help reduce the risk of it affecting the concrete’s structural integrity. It will also help prevent water from getting underneath the surface of the concrete.

Surface Sealing

A concrete patio should be sealed every two to three years. Sealing helps:

  • Repel water
  • Makes the surface resistant to scratches and dust
  • Maintains the concrete’s high resistance level to UV rays

Your should have the sealer applied when the air temperature is above 55 degrees and below 90 degree. You’ll achieve optimal results when you apply sealer at a cooler temperature.

Care for Your Concrete

Get your patio ready for spring and summer with the help of our Concrete Patio Maintenance Checklist.