How to Prepare Your Outdoor Kitchen for Summer Entertainment

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Outdoor kitchens are redefining backyard living for households across the country. They provide the perfect opportunity for entertaining family and friends in the comfort of your own backyard. An outdoor kitchen creates an inviting area for relaxing candlelit dinners, exciting pool parties, and fun backyard barbeques year round. It increases the value of your home, expands your useable space and …

Outdoor Features with a Big ROI

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When it’s time to make some upgrades to your home, you’ll want to choose projects that add value and appeal to your property. Many homeowners often put most of their focus into the interior of their home. But the truth is, the exterior is the first thing your guests and potential buyers see. This means that what’s done on the …

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Tips for your Outdoor Kitchen Design

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An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful home feature that expands your indoor living space for activities and entertainment. It allows you to get outside for backyard barbecues, family gatherings, and quiet dinners year-round – even on chilly fall and winter evenings. Today’s outdoor kitchens can be designed and equipped with state-of-the-art grills, refrigeration equipment, storage, and accessories that will rival even …

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How To Host an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

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It may seem like a strange idea to celebrate Thanksgiving outside, but that exactly how the Native Americans and the Pilgrims celebrated it. Why not try it yourself? Use your beautiful outdoor kitchen space to host a lavish feast or a low-key dinner of your family’s favorite dishes. However fancy or informal you want to get, an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner will definitely …

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What to Include in your Outdoor Kitchen

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One of the biggest trends in home design these days is having a finished outdoor space. Instead of a separation of “inside” and “outside,” it provides a flow that allows homeowners to utilize patios, yards, and gardens to their fullest advantage. One element people have focused on the past few years is the outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen not only …

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Inspiration

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Just about everywhere you look these days, you can find a variety of outdoor kitchen ideas: in magazines, your neighbor’s backyard, TV, and movies. These examples range from modest to extravagant in every style imaginable! The style of your own outdoor kitchen will be based on several things: your budget, available space, and personal taste. However, your kitchen needs to be …

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Cozy Outdoor Entertaining

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Just because cool weather is coming doesn’t mean the party has to move inside. Keep your guests comfortable with these ideas for cozy outdoor entertaining. 1. Have plenty of seating. Mix up the seating. Set up a table area, side chairs, and outdoor friendly poufs throughout the space. This will allow your guests to mingle and be comfortable.   2. Watch …

Ideas for Functional Outdoor Dining Areas

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If you enjoy outdoor dining with family and friends, you know that this is the time of year to start preparing your outdoor space to be a functional, stylish place to receive your guests. Regardless of whether you plan to share simple meals from the grill with your immediate family or are planning a party for your whole neighborhood, it’s …

High Impact Outdoor Living Features

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As spring approaches, it’s time to prepare for outdoor living. Some things you will want to consider when deciding on which elements to include are design, material, climate, and usage. Having your own private sanctuary is easy as long as you do your research and plan accordingly. Knowing what you want, what materials are available, and how to maintain them will …