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These days, outdoor living is used nearly just as much as indoor living space. Whether you’re enjoying your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, or fire feature, making the most of your outdoor living space helps you enjoy being outside all year long. When you have decided to make your outdoor space more livable, it is important to find the right outdoor contractor to make your dreams come alive. 

Finding an Outdoor Contractor

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The perfect outdoor contractor is one who is able to do as much of the work as possible. This helps you not have to work with multiple different businesses in order to reach your outdoor living goals. Texas Best Fence and Patio can take care of a variety of projects in order to turn your outdoor living space into just what your family needs.

When you begin your search for the right outdoor contractor, sit down with them and discuss the vision you have in mind. Listen to how they would go about transforming your space and reaching those goals. Discuss the materials and resources that they have to offer to see if their solutions are in line with what you’re picturing. 

A contractor who wants your business will be happy to come to your home to discuss your plans. They’ll get a good idea of the type of outdoor living space you are envisioning. If they aren’t willing to visit you in person, they probably aren’t the right contractor for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way. A good outdoor contractor is ready and willing to provide as much clarity and understanding as possible.

Tips for Finding the Right Contractor

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Changing up your outdoor living space can be exciting and fun if you have the right people doing the job. Choosing the right outdoor contractor is an important responsibility. Whether it is a new fence, new deck, a complete overhaul or starting from scratch, the right outdoor contractor will make all of the difference in the process and the outcome of your project.

Professional Listings

Reviews from previous customers are one way to narrow down your search for a reputable contractor who has had success stories in your area. The best reviews are the ones that show before and after photos of the work that was done.


It should go without saying that you don’t want a contractor who is not licensed. The outdoor contractor that you choose should be licensed and in good standing with your state’s licensing board. Don’t be shy about asking to see a contractor’s picture identification, pocket license, and even proof of insurance.

Hiring a contractor with a valid license and insurance can protect your interests. You can check out the National Association of State Contractor’s Licensing Agencies to get information about contractor licensing in your state.

Look at Recent Work

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If at all possible, request to visit projects the contractor has done that are similar to yours. What you’ll be looking for is how well the project has held up over time. Talk to the owners and ask if the project was completed well and on time, and how well the contractor’s communication was with the homeowner.

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Other Things to Consider

There are a number of questions to ask the contractor and/or people who have had projects completed by the professionals you’re considering for your job.

  • Did the contractor follow-up after the job was completed?
  • How was the quality of craftsmanship?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Was the project completed within the budget that was quoted?
  • Were there extra costs?

Contractor Contracts

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Every reputable contractor will have a contract. A contract protects both you and the contractor. There should be a written contract in place regardless of the size of the project. Contracts should be easy to understand and contain pertinent information about the project and the company involved.


Many companies, especially those without a brick and mortar store, use post office boxes for their address and mailing communication. The contract should have a physical location listed so you are able to reach them in person if you need to.


The contract should contain the expected time the job should be finished. A conversation about how long the project will take is not sufficient. You will regret not having this information in writing if the job takes much longer than expected.


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A reputable contractor carries insurance for injuries that can occur on a construction site. Even if your project is relatively small, you want to be assured that the contractor you choose is properly insured. In order to protect you, this should be made clear in the contract.


What you understand to be the total cost may not be what the contractor has in mind. Conversations can be misconstrued and not fully understood by both parties. When the total cost is broken down in black and white as part of the contract, there is no confusion. A good contractor will break down the cost of materials and labor so that you will know exactly what you are paying for. They will let you know if they offer financing, and when and how payment is expected – you can pay by credit card or check, if you need to pay a deposit, make monthly payments, or pay in full when the job is done. A contract takes the guesswork and surprises out of paying for your new outdoor living space.


Workmanship guarantees are also an important part of a contractor’s contract. It is a testament to the quality of materials as well as the workmanship put into the project. Fencing and other outdoor projects can be expensive. You want to know that you won’t be needing another company to come and repair or rebuild your fence in a few years. And don’t forget to check and see if they offer warranties on your outdoor construction projects.

The Right Contractor for You

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Finding the right outdoor contractor to make your outdoor living space more livable is important to the enjoyment you find in your home and property. Fencing, patio covers, fire features, arbors, and pergolas can add to the curb appeal and value of your home as well as helping you enjoy the outdoors more often. You’ll be surprised at how much you, your family and friends will use an outdoor space that is easy to maintain and fun to be in.

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