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Benefits of a Board on Board Fence

By Colby Coward / August 8, 2016

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A board-on-board fence offers several benefits to the homeowner, including versatility, functionality, and privacy. Board on board fencing is available in several different design options to suit every home style. Because the boards are made out of wood, they are able to be customized with stains and finished to complement the rest of your home.

Double-Sided Visual Appeal

Most types of fencing only offer the option of one visually appealing side. Homeowners have to decide whether they want the attractive side of the fence facing their own yard, or the neighbor’s yard. The two sides of a board-on-board fence are equally visually appealing. This is due to the design of the fence. It’s a simple design of upright boards that attach to a length of horizontal board; generally one near the bottom and one near the top of the fence. Thus, the front and the backside of the fencing are the same, which provides an attractive look no matter what side you’re on.

Ample Vertical Height

This fencing provides ample vertical height and is typically available on boards between four and eight feet. For homeowners who live close to neighbors, this fence type is the perfect solution to enhance backyard privacy. Because of this, fencing is a very popular option for placing around pools and hot tubs where there is a strong desire for privacy.

Total Security

For homeowners who are concerned about home security or keeping a beloved family pet or even small children from escaping, board-on-board fencing is a solid choice. While designs such as the shadow box may admit some light and space between slats, the space is usually not sufficient for the average child or pet to slip through. If escape is still a concern, however, a homeowner can simply choose a tighter fence design.

Superior Strength

Board on-board fencing is a solid choice for homeowners concerned about strength and durability. Generally speaking, since the lengths are longer, the posts are dug deeper than an average fence. The combination of deeply dug fence posts and solid, strong fencing and connection design work to ensure that the fence will stay in place long after its installation date.

Multiple Finish Options

Homeowners who have a new fence installed have the option of staining or painting it to a color of their liking. With this option, homeowners can protect the fence and use different colors over the fence’s lifetime.

Board on-board fencing offers many benefits that can provide your home with a solid and attractive fence for a lifetime. Talk to your local fence contractor to learn more about the benefits.

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