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5 Benefits of Automatic Driveway Gates

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Watch almost any television show about the rich and famous and you’ll notice the homes of these celebrities all have several things in common. Probably one of the most universal features that each home has is an automatic gate. Automatic driveway gates add a touch of class to a home, and act as a supplement to existing security features. But they aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore! Here are 5 reasons you might want an automatic driveway gate for your own home.

1. It’s A Security Upgrade

They say your home is your castle, which means it needs to be defended. An automatic gate provides an extra layer of security for your home by allowing you almost complete control over who has access to your property. The installation of a PIN entry system prohibits those without an automatic opener from gaining easy access to your home. Denying quick access is a deterrent for most thieves and criminals; climbing the fence or messing with the security box increases their risk of exposure.

2. It’s A Matter Of Privacy

Unwanted visitors always seem to come when you’re trying to get the kids ready to leave, or when you’re just about to sit down to dinner. With automatic driveway gates, unwanted visitors are no longer an issue. They can’t get access to your property, so you know they aren’t going to knock on your door at dinnertime. As an added bonus, the gates prevent strangers from using your property as a parking space when they want to visit a neighbor.

3. It’s Extra Protection For Your Children

Speeding cars on residential streets kill hundreds of children each year. It’s gotten to a point where many parents won’t let their kids play in the yard at all, fearing out of control vehicles or even child predators.

The installation of an automatic gate provides the peace of mind that you need to let your kids play in the yard freely. The gate keeps unwanted people out, but it also keeps your children in.

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4. It’s An Insurance Discount

Car alarms, Lo-Jack, and other theft deterrents reduce the risk of a stolen car, and typically provide a discount on your insurance. Your provider wants to pay as few claims as possible, so anything you can do to limit their potential liability is going to be rewarded. The same is true for your home.

Insurance companies are thrilled when homeowners are proactive with the safety and security of the property, and most will offer a discount on your premiums. A savings of only a few dollars a month adds up quickly over the course of several years.

5. It’s A Boost To Property Value

Virtually any upgrade you do to your home or yard increases the value of the property when you try to sell it. The upgrades that yield the biggest returns are those that appeal to a broad base of potential buyers. This easily puts the safety and security benefits of an automatic gate high on the list.

Your automatic gate also raises the curb appeal of your home and helps the property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Potential buyers see the gate as a point of differentiation between your home and others, justifying the higher price.

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Automatic driveway gates offer significant safety and security benefits for your home. Speak with a contractor to discuss your options.

Maintain Your Gate

Did you know we have an Automatic Gates Maintenance Program designed to keep your gate operating like new?