Concrete Care and Maintenance

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

Concrete is an extremely durable building material. It is often used for constructing patios and other types of hardscaped areas for outdoor entertaining, including the areas around swimming pools. Proper concrete maintenance will ensure that these areas last for many years. Keep Concrete Clean You should thoroughly clean concrete at least once, if not twice, a year. Use a pressure washer to …

Tips for Maintaining your Concrete Patio

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

Concrete is a highly durable and impact-resistant material, making it an ideal choice for an outdoor patio space. By keeping your concrete properly maintained, you’ll keep your patio safe and attractive so that you can enjoy it all summer long. If you have a concrete patio, get it ready for spring and summer with these tips for maintaining concrete.

Ideas for Beautiful Concrete Surfaces

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

Outdoor concrete surfaces don’t have to be limited to boring driveways and cracked sidewalks. Concrete is a versatile material that gives a modern, rustic, or traditional look and feel to any outdoor area. Plain concrete is common in driveways and sidewalks, but nothing says home like a completely personalized driveway and a matching walkway to your front door or backyard. Concrete …

Patio Designs: Flagstone vs. Concrete

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With so many material options available for patios these days, it may be hard to narrow down the choices. Each material will have its own pros and cons, along with unique qualities and imperfections that give it character. Two of the most popular materials for modern patio designs are flagstone and concrete. Here is a little bit about what makes either one …

Proper Maintenance for Stained Concrete Patios

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

A stained concrete patio can be one of the most maintenance free additions to your home. The concrete itself resists abuse that other patio materials, like wood or brick, might get damaged from. The stain is virtually permanent, so except under extreme circumstances there will never be a need to stain it again. However, there are some maintenance tasks that should be done to …

Creative Pool Patios

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

When it’s time to create the pool retreat of your dreams, you need to begin with an amazing patio. Although your pool patio needs to be functional and safe, who says you can’t add your own personal touch? The right materials combined with the best design can produce a jaw dropping finished product. Here are the components to building creative pool patios.