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Summer Storage with Style

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Summer is the season for gardening, swimming, grilling and other outdoor activities. All of these activities require storing more tools and equipment. If you need some outdoor storage ideas to help you keep things sorted, here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Stash it with Shelving

Shelving is one of the best ways to utilize your outdoor storage space. Use shelves along the walls of your garden shed, garage or pool house. Adjustable shelving is best so you can customize the height of your shelves to your ever-changing storage needs. Metal wire shelving creates a clean look, doesn’t block the light coming in and helps prevent the claustrophobic feel that some storage sheds can get.

Reclaim Forgotten Spaces

Maximize your storage space by thinking outside the box and making use of those little-used spaces. For example, the back of your shed door is a great place for hanging tool racks, organizers or a basket to hold gloves and gardening tools or goggles and favorite pool toys. The space over your head is another easily forgotten space that can be reclaimed by mounting hooks or suspending a shelf from the ceiling.

Better it with Bins

Help keep shelving and other storage spaces free from clutter by using bins. Bins are easily organized by grouping their contents. Choose clear plastic or metal wire bins so you can see inside, making it easier to find what you need.

Pretty it with Pegboards

Whoever would have thought that pegboards could be pretty? You’ll find they can be more attractive than you imagined when you mount them in your shed. Covering a wall with pegboards allows you to keep things organized and neat. The hooks can easily be moved as your storage needs change.

Make use of Magnetics

Wall-mounted magnetic strips sold in kitchen supply stores are a trendy way to keep track of knives. When they’re mounted in a gardening shed, these same magnetic strips keep track of small tools and paintbrushes. Use magnetic dry erase board and a collection of magnetic spice containers to store seeds, hardware and other small items.

Vary it with Vintage

Not all outdoor storage ideas have a modern flair. Add a little more pizzazz and vary the monotony of your storage space with vintage items. For example, vintage wooden crates stacked together create a custom shelving system. Use vintage metal crates and wire baskets mounted on walls or on shelves for organizing various items. A vintage bucket or planter is a handy yet out of site way to store a garden hose and a vintage ladder or stool provides both a place to sit and additional storage space, depending on your needs at the time. Best of all, you can find vintage items at garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores for a fraction of the price a newer item would cost.

With summer just around the corner, finding a place to stash your stuff outdoors is a necessity but that doesn’t mean storage needs to be boring or ordinary. Use these outdoor storage ideas to create a look that satisfies your need for order and aesthetics at the same time!

Get Organized

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