Outside Fire Places

Outdoor Fireplaces can turn chilly Texas weather into a comfortable atmosphere for the big game or a quiet evening with family.

Outside Fireplaces Are Anything But Boring

One of the more popular amenities in Outdoor Living projects in North Texas are brick or natural stone Outside Fireplaces. When homeowners consider building Patio Covers or Pergolas, they frequently request information about the feasibility of adding an outdoor fireplace as part of the design.

Honestly, most requests are to construct an outside fireplace from a natural stone material because of it’s beauty and value for years and years to come. Natural stone has been used since the dawn of time to construct dwellings and amenities that we all enjoy.

The look of a crackling fire from the solid stone fireplace begins to create a warmth in your soul even if you may not be able to physically feel the heat. As the evening air begins to cool down further, it’s certainly the area that friends and family begin to congregate closer and closer to ward off that chill. That natural instinct also invites more conversation and interaction, exactly what we desire when we invite guests over.

But that’s just the start. Today outside fireplaces are designed and built to perform several other functions as well.

Optional Amenities


Many Outside Fireplaces are now designed to become the defacto “Entertainment Center” with large screen TVs as one of the main attractions. This is a perfect place to sit comfortably outside, out of the elements and enjoy your favorite football game, race or maybe even the Winter Olympics.


With the control of what you watch and how you see it in your hand, you can now playback or even slow-mo a play that you want to see again…and again. Your kids can be entertained more easily outdoors, watching shows you have less interest in or playing serious video games without the screaming and yelling that can disrupt lifestyle indoors.

outside Fireplace

An Outside Fireplace can also be designed to be the “nerve center” for the hub of a high end exterior sound system. Along with storage capability (sometimes hidden) and extra or added support for sliding screens to block the sun’s rays, Outside Fireplaces have, in many instances become integral to an complete Outdoor Living experience.

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