Backyard Fire Pits

Backyard Fire Pits become a focal point in your hardscape and landscape planning, providing an area for entertainment for all ages.

Why a Backyard Fire Pit?

After Fences, Patio Covers, Arbors and Pergolas, Backyard Fire Pits might just be the most popular amenity today in Outdoor Living plans. Backyard fire pits are not as expensive to build as an outside fireplace, yet still give you a contained place to have a fire…one of the most coveted and basic necessities of man throughout the ages. Warmth and eating have always been important to our continued existence.

Are backyard fire pits critical to our existence? Well, that might be a stretch, but they can sure be a lot of fun. We can certainly all enjoy sitting around a fire pit with our warmed feet propped up along the edge or roasting hot dogs or marshmallows for S’mores with the kids.

How Difficult Are They to Build?

That’s one of the great things about Backyard Fire Pits. It’s not necessarily that difficult, but to do it right requires planning and still takes some expertise to build it so it can be nearly maintenance free (which certainly adds to the “fun” part) and long lasting.

3 Tips for Backyard Fire Pits

  1. Location – don’t allow backyard fire pits to be built too close to a structure that it might damage or even cause a structure fire.
  2. Drainage – with the nature of fire, the pit is open to the elements, including rain. Of course a Fire Pit is going to be a “hot tub” but when heavy rain starts to fill it up, if not designed properly, the water will make a huge mess…not just of your Fire Pit but the surrounding hard surface areas surrounding it as well.
  3. Heat – because of the enclosed sides of the pit, extreme temperatures can heat up normal masonry materials and mortar well past limits and make it crack. Even some natural stone materials don’t withstand high heat as well as other materials. Using the right materials and the right methods are both important to how many years this amenity will last and look good.

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