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Rotting wood, splinters and hot decks often discourage families from making the most of their outdoor space. A composite deck from Texas Best Fence & Patio is an investment that is virtually maintenance free so you can walk outside knowing your space is barefoot ready for years to come.
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Composite Decking


The benefit of a composite deck over cedar or pressure-treated deck is that there are no splinters. You can walk around on it barefoot. It’s not as hot. It’s a great product. If you’re also comparing a composite deck against a stamped and stained concrete, in Texas summers, you cannot walk barefoot around the swimming pool, but with a composite deck, you can.

The composite deck brand that we use has great color tones and a modern look. When possible, screws are put in through sidewalls, so there are no screws on top of the boards. It’s a very clean, modern look.

With composite decking, you can buy a less expensive product, but you’re probably not going like it two or three years down the road. The big thing is checking to see what kind of product you’re getting. You want to know what kind of product quality you’re getting. It’s just like buying a car. You can buy an entry-level Ford Fiesta, or you can buy a Cadillac. We try to find a happy medium between the Cadillac and the Honda Accord, something that’s going to get a lot of mileage but is also going to give you some luxury.

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Here are a few common questions about composite decking

Composite decks provide many benefits over traditional wood decks, including low maintenance requirements and increased durability. They are weather and insect resistant, making them a great choice for enhancing your outdoor living space. Choose composite decking for a long-lasting and attractive addition to your backyard that requires minimal upkeep.

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