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Tips for Enjoying your Outdoor Areas in Cold Weather

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

Cooler temps inevitably settle in during the winter, and many people look longingly at their outdoor spaces and wish for the warmer months. But before you resign yourself to a season indoors, there are ways of enjoying your outdoor areas in winter, especially on those sunny and crisp days. Your outdoor areas can provide a welcome escape on otherwise dreary days if you set them up right. Here are 6 tips to help you enjoy your outdoor areas in winter.

1. Clean Out and Spruce Up Your Containers and Landscaping

There’s a misconception that plants don’t grow in the winter. Depending on your zone and how cold it gets, there are myriad types of foliage that you can use to add interest, depth, and color to your outdoor spaces. The first step is to clean out the summer and fall remnants. After that, look up your gardening zone and find out which plants will do well in containers and beds during the colder months—you’ll find plenty of choices that offer constant color and vibrancy.  

2. Invest In Art

Nothing adds an eye-catching, personal touch quite like art. Art isn’t limited to the indoors; there are many types of art designed to withstand the elements. You can tailor art to the size, scope, and overall concept of your outdoor spaces, too. The nice part about incorporating art into your outdoor areas is that you can enjoy it from both inside and out.  

3. Brighten Everything Up

Winter can bring in dreary weather. One way to battle the doldrums is with pops of color. In addition to art and winter plants, think about bold pillows and throws, colorful furniture, and little touches that add that bright cheer to your outdoor spaces.

4. Add Heating

The top reason people don’t spend time outside in the winter is temperature. A chill in the air drives people inside. However, for those who live in a fairly mild region—meaning, you aren’t dealing with six feet of snow—it’s easy to add a couple of features that provide enough comfort to spend time outdoors year round. Consider things like outdoor heaters, fireplaces, wood-burning fire pits, and other options that create heat. While you’re at it, look at kitchens. Cooking over a hot grill or an outdoor stove can generate plenty of heat, and the results are often very tasty.

5. Reenergize Your Lighting

A lot of emphasis has been put on lighting in recent years, and for a good reason. Nothing creates mood better than the right lighting. Depending on what you want to accomplish—a mystical jungle or a bold entertainment space—you can find lighting that’s ideal. List your primary uses, what you hope to accomplish, and study ideas online before implementing a bright new outdoor lighting scheme.

6. Design the Perfect Shelter

Other than temperature, the other deterrent to outdoor enjoyment is the elements. Shelters offer respite from rain, wind, and other weather you may not want to deal with. Create the ultimate outdoor living space that’s perfect for all types of weather. The shelter that provides coverage during the winter months will also give you a shady spot to beat the summer heat.

Nature and the outdoors can be a sanctuary for you throughout the year with the right additions. Don’t let your current space keep you from enjoying your outdoor areas in winter. Instead, take advantage of them by creating the perfect outdoor living areas for rain or shine.

Warm and Cozy

A heat source provides a great way to enjoy your outdoor space in cold weather. Take a look through our outdoor fireplace photos for inspiration.