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Wood Fence Maintenance: Spruce Up Your Fence for Fall

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

The high heat and humidity of the summer months in Texas can definitely take its toll on any hardscape feature. But this is especially true when it comes to your wood fences. By being proactive with fence maintenance before winter arrives, you can preserve your investment. Not only will the results be more aesthetically appealing, but you will drastically extend the …

Choosing the Right Fence

Colby Coward Construction Process, Repair and Maintenance

Installing a fence on your property is a great way to add value, create privacy, and bring character to any outdoor space. Fences of all styles help contribute to the exterior aesthetic of your home, creating a stylish space for entertaining family and friends. Whatever your family’s needs, there are options for everyone! From wood to wrought iron and all …

Summertime Spray Tan (For Your Fence)

Colby Coward Construction Process

First impressions are important. When someone visits your home, you want them to see a beautiful, well-kept place. But before visitors step through the front door, your yard sets the stage! The landscaping and fencing you choose say a lot about you and the pride you take in your home. There is absolutely no reason, however, that the pride you take in …

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What Insects Do the Most Damage to Wood Fences

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

Installing a new wood fence on your property is an investment in the value of your home. It improves your home’s curb appeal, and with proper care a good fence can last for years. However, your fence could be targeted by insects that damage wood fences and cause structural damage that will ruin the appearance of your fence. These insects could …

How High is Too High

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

A fence around your yard is aesthetically pleasing and gives you security and privacy. It can also increase the value of your property. If you’ve decided to fence your yard, make sure that you know the fence height rules for your area. Fence Height Rules and Other General Rules  If you live in a subdivision or a development, check the covenants before …

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Benefits of a Board on Board Fence

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

A board on board fence offers several benefits to the homeowner, including versatility, functionality and privacy. Board on board fencing is available in several different design options to suit every home style. Because the boards are made out of wood, they are able to be customized with stains and finished to complement the rest of your home. Double-Sided Visual Appeal …

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Get the Best Return On Investment for your Outdoor Living Spaces

Colby Coward Construction Process

When you purchase a house, you have decided to make an investment in your future. Over time, you want to be able to keep the value of your initial investment or increase it even more. When most people consider home improvement options they concentrate on the cosmetic improvements. The growing trend, however, is to switch the focus to outdoor living spaces that are …

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Wood Fence Ideas for 2016

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

Would you like to get more enjoyment from your outdoor space this year? A wood fence may be the perfect solution. Not only do wood fences provide safety, they are arguably one of the most important aesthetic features of your property. Benefits of Wood Fences A wooden fence can be prestained before the fencing materials arrive on your property. You …

Keep It Down! Best Plants for Road Noise

Colby Coward Lifestyle and Entertaining

If you live on a busy street or in an urban neighborhood, chances are good that you have your share of noise from traffic. Even in a suburban neighborhood you may still have the sounds of rowdy children or barking dogs disturbing your peaceful environment. There are ways to block some of this noise–with a wall or fence, for example. …