How to Choose an Outdoor Contractor

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These days, outdoor living is used nearly just as much as indoor living space. Whether you’re enjoying your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, or fire feature, making the most of your outdoor living space helps you enjoy being outside all year long. When you have decided to make your outdoor space more livable, it is important to find the right outdoor …

The Perks of Patio Covers and Pergolas

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With warm weather fast approaching, you want your outdoor space to be ready and well-prepared for summer fun. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to an already existing outdoor living space, a patio cover or pergola can provide a lot of value. Before you get started, make sure you know the difference between the two and how each can …

Outdoor Features with a Big ROI

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When it’s time to make some upgrades to your home, you’ll want to choose projects that add value and appeal to your property. Many homeowners often put most of their focus into the interior of their home. But the truth is, the exterior is the first thing your guests and potential buyers see. This means that what’s done on the …

Outdoor Fire Features - Outdoor Fireplace

Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Feature

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Outdoor fire features, such as fire pits or fireplaces, have become all the rage for homeowners and home buyers alike. It expands your entertainment opportunities and allows you to extend the use of your outdoor living space way beyond the warmer months. Here are some of the ways an outdoor fire feature can benefit you, your family and your home. …

Outdoor Structures that Suit your Style

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A yard is no longer considered just a piece of property surrounding a house, the scene of an occasional barbecue, or a place to send the kids to play. Instead, the outside has become almost as important as the inside. Today, outdoor living spaces are designed and decorated just as carefully as any room in the house. If you don’t …

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Tips for Enjoying your Outdoor Areas in Cold Weather

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Cooler temps inevitably settle in during the winter, and many people look longingly at their outdoor spaces and wish for the warmer months. But before you resign yourself to a season indoors, there are ways of enjoying your outdoor areas in winter, especially on those sunny and crisp days. Your outdoor areas can provide a welcome escape on otherwise dreary days …

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Outdoor Living Gifts for 2016

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With the holiday shopping season in full swing, you’re probably looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Why not pick out something fun they can enjoy while spending time in their backyard? Check out our list of the best outdoor living gift ideas for the 2016 holiday season. Solar Power Phone Chargers No one enjoys being tethered to …

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How To Host an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

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It may seem like a strange idea to celebrate Thanksgiving outside, but that exactly how the Native Americans and the Pilgrims celebrated it. Why not try it yourself? Use your beautiful outdoor kitchen space to host a lavish feast or a low-key dinner of your family’s favorite dishes. However fancy or informal you want to get, an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner will definitely …

How to Host a Great Game Day Party

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Football season is in full swing, and it’s your turn to host a game day party. Make it a memorable event that your friends will be talking about for years, whether your team wins or loses. Here are some ideas to help you get the party started. Location, Location, Location You’ve already decided you are going to hold your game day …

Pergola Ideas for your Backyard

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Pergolas can make an excellent addition to any outdoor living space. They add interest to a landscape, as well as comfort and functionality. Some people would love to have a pergola in their yard but aren’t sure how to make it work with their outdoor spaces. If you’re one of those people, here are some pergola ideas to inspire you. Enhance …