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Tips for Maintaining Concrete Surfaces

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

Knowing how to maintain concrete goes beyond simply cleaning oil spots on the garage floor. Today, concrete has become much more than a gray industrial building material. It is increasingly part of the creative design statement in homes and commercial buildings—whether in walkways, walls, or stained concrete patios. Its rugged durability provides obvious structural benefits, but today’s concrete is also …

Proper Maintenance for Stained Concrete Patios

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

A stained concrete patio can be one of the most maintenance free additions to your home. The concrete itself resists abuse that other patio materials, like wood or brick, might get damaged from. The stain is virtually permanent, so except under extreme circumstances there will never be a need to stain it again. However, there are some maintenance tasks that should be done to …

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Benefits of Stamped Concrete in Your Outdoor Areas

Colby Coward Construction Process

Stamped concrete is a slab of concrete with a surface that has been textured or embossed. For a long time this has been a popular option for outdoor living spaces. Stamped concrete provides a better value when compared to many other materials for a number of reasons. Consider the following benefits that it can add to your outdoor space: