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How to Refresh Outdoor Furniture

Colby Coward Cleaning and Organization

Are you hesitant to schedule outdoor parties because your beloved patio furniture has lost its luster? If age, rain, sun, and/or scratches have left your patio furniture looking shabby or rusty, don’t feel like you have to cancel parties or buy new furniture. Whether you own plastic, metal, or teak sets, you may be able to renew and refresh your …

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Winterize Your Lawn and Outdoor Space

Colby Coward Cleaning and Organization

This summer was an amazing season of backyard barbecues, warm evenings on the porch, and garden parties. Now that cooler weather is rolling in, it’s time to start taking steps to winterize outdoor areas. With just a few simple tasks, you can be sure that your fire pit, patio, and backyard areas will survive the cold weather and be ready for entertaining …

Prepare your Outdoor Spaces for Spring

Colby Coward Repair and Maintenance

Just as cleaning the interior of your home is necessary after a long cold winter, it is also important that you get your outdoor living spaces ready for the spring. The exterior of your home is important both for enjoyment of your property as well as for its value. Yard work and the cleaning of porches and patios may seem …