Prepare your Patio for a Summer Party

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Summer is an ideal time to host a patio party. Whether you’re having a small group of close friends over for drinks at dusk or you’re throwing a large family barbecue, it’s important to prepare your patio for the occasion. Take advantage of the following ideas to get your outdoor space ready for patio party season.

Give the Patio a Good Cleaning

Before you use your patio for the first time this summer, clean the patio and furniture. If your furniture has been sitting outside all winter long, most likely it’s dirty and needs a thorough scrubbing. Even if you store your furniture in the basement or the garage for the winter, it may still need a little dusting. Scrub down the table and chairs as well as the patio floors. Do you own a grill? Test it out and make any necessary repairs. Stock up on charcoal briquettes or propane so you’re set for a whole summer of outdoor barbecues.

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Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is key for holding an evening patio party. An outdoor lighting system can be inexpensive and easy to install. You can purchase simple light strands at any home improvement store. As long as you install strong screw-in, weight-bearing hooks, your lights should stay up without any issues. Make sure to arrange your light configuration so that the end of the light strand is in close proximity to an electrical outlet. If you want to go beyond a basic light strand, think about hanging lanterns or creating a chandelier out of mason jars.

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Plant Small Garden Boxes

From a small pergola to a large wrap-around porch, garden boxes can instantly take the aesthetic of your outdoor space up a notch. The pop of color that the flowers provide can help set the stage for your guests. Fill your boxes or planters with a lightweight soil mix to offer optimal drainage and aeration, which will keep your plants healthy. Choose small blooms that fit the scale of your garden boxes and that are well-suited for the available light and environment.

Consider Shelter

Even when you’re hosting a patio party in seemingly the most ideal conditions, you never know when the weather may turn at the last minute. From staying cool on a sweltering summer day to staying dry during a stray summer rainstorm, a pergola or patio cover over a patio or deck is a great solution for maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. A professional outdoor contractor can help you determine what type of shelter is a good fit for your existing outdoor space and building budget.

Install a Fire Pit

A fire creates a natural gathering space during a patio party that is perfect for cooking hot dogs, roasting marshmallows, and telling spooky stories late into the night. Fire pits can be built in all shapes and sizes and can work in a wide range of spaces. The beauty of a custom built fire pit is that it can be made to complement the rest of your outdoor area perfectly, even if it is installed later.

If you’re planning a major outdoor renovation before summer, you may want to look into hiring a professional outdoor living contractor. Working with an experienced construction team ensures that your new fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or pergola will come together seamlessly so it’s ready for hosting all of your outdoor events this summer.

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