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Pre-Stained Fences: Making Your Wood Fence Last

Colby Coward Construction Process

Standard-Board-On-Board-Fence-Step_03If you’re in the market for a new wood fence, longevity should be one of your top concerns. While the fence’s aesthetic matters, its durability and protective qualities are the most important considerations. You are investing a good amount of money in your fence, so it should last for years without requiring additional stain applications and maintenance. Unprotected wood is liable to decay over a short period of time. Staining your fence will protect its quality and fight against graying, mildew, insect damage, and other threats. While most of us have stained a fence in the past, many have not heard of pre-stained wood fences.

How We Prepare Our Pre-Stained Wood Fences

Opting for a pre-stained wood fence won’t involve that much more time or effort compared to the traditional wood fence, yet it offers a lot of unique benefits. As soon as Texas Best Fence obtains the green wood used to construct fences, we immediately spread them along our special racks where they dry and cure. Once cured, the boards are immersed in vats for staining. Each individual board is dipped into the stain for a thorough application. We then dry each piece of wood a second time and bundle them to deliver to your home.

Staining a Wood Fence Will Not Guarantee the Quality

The average wood fence is sprayed with stain after it’s installed, not before. While this serves a purpose, it often leaves sections of untreated wood exposed to harmful weather and other sources of damage. This is especially true of areas where the fence boards touch each other. The stain does not always reach these spaces, especially when it is a board-on-board fence where the boards overlap. These sections of the fence are especially vulnerable to moisture that can cause significant damage to untreated or poorly treated wood. This means that you can follow the stain application directions to the letter and treat your fence every three to five years, only to find that it deteriorates at a much faster rate than you anticipated.

Pre-Stained Wood Fences are Easy and Clean

When you have a pre-stained wood fence installed, you will no longer have to worry about damaging your yard’s shrubs, flowers, grass, and other components getting stain sprayed on them. The stain will already be applied to your wood fence boards. This type of fence is much cleaner and more visually pleasing than the traditional untreated wood fence. As soon as your pre-stained wood fence is put up, the installation and maintenance is done. There will be no messy stain application to worry about and you won’t have to hold off on installing the fence due to concerns over storms or other weather conditions. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

So now that you know a pre-stained fence is the best option, what will your new fence look like? Browse through our project photo gallery to help inspire your new fence project.

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