Pergola Ideas for your Backyard

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Pergolas can make an excellent addition to any outdoor living space. They add interest to a landscape, as well as comfort and functionality. Some people would love to have a pergola in their yard but aren’t sure how to make it work with their outdoor spaces. If you’re one of those people, here are some pergola ideas to inspire you.

Enhance Comfort in a Seating Area

One of the most common pergola ideas is to use the structure as shade for a seating area. The shade will move during the day with the angle of the sun, providing even more charm. Arrange casual seating, cretate a dining area, or add a fire pit.

Shade a Walkway or Path

You can also use a pergola to shade a garden path or walkway. This makes a scenic, comfortable place to walk, as well as adding visual appeal and tasteful design to your yard.

Create Separation Between Different Outdoor Spaces

Do you want to define two areas of your backyard? A pergola makes a good border between two spaces, such as between a garden and the lawn, or between the pool area and your outdoor living spaces.

Incorporate Growing Things

You can create more substantial shade by encouraging vining and climbing plants to grow up trellises and over the slatted roof. An abundance of leaves and flowers turn an everyday wooden pergola into a secret garden hideout. Other pergola ideas that incorporate greenery include arranging clusters of pots, and hanging flower baskets from the pergola.

Use Shades And Curtains

Another way to create shade and shelter on an open-sided pergola is to hang shades or sheer curtains on all sides. Look for unobtrusive shades that can be rolled up or tied back when not in use, and let down when you want shade, shelter, or relief from insects.

Aim To Entertain

A pergola is an excellent addition to some of the things that make outdoor living spaces so appealing. For instance, if you plan to do a lot of outdoor entertaining such as dinner parties and barbecues, a pergola will nicely complement your outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor spaces are more interesting and dynamic than they have been in past years. One of the best ways to add interest is to incorporate a pergola (or two) into your outdoor design. With these and many other pergola ideas to choose from, you can easily transform your yard from an uninspired lawn into your own private oasis.

Design Your Space

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