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Patio Cover Design Ideas for your Backyard

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The patio can become a highly used area of the home with the right patio cover design. A patio cover is an element that covers the patio so that it can be better enjoyed by the homeowner. A patio cover can enhance the outdoor living space, add to the value of the home, and alleviate some of the potential issues that can arise with outdoor dining and leisure. Some of the benefits of a quality patio cover include aesthetics, shade, protection from the elements and more. There are many different considerations that go into patio cover design. Here are a few popular options to consider for your backyard.

Stained Cedar Lattice Patio Cover 01Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are freestanding structures that can be positioned over the patio area. They typically have columns in the corners for support. Pergolas and arbors can also be attached to the house structure if desired, such as when the home is located in a region of the country that sustains high winds during certain seasons. Both pergolas and arbors lend themselves to a variety of decorating alternatives, including fairy lights and climbing vines and flowers, which can be real or faux. These structures can add quite a bit of beauty to the backyard when decorated. Pergolas and arbors can offer shade against the hot sun, but they are ineffective against rain.

Patio Covers 97Gazebo

Gazebos are freestanding structures that generally have a circular or octagon-like shape, making them ideal for unusually-shaped patios. They may have a fully covered roof, which blocks sun, rain and snow. In addition to the overhead coverage, many gazebos have built-in seating around the edges, offering homeowners extra seats or areas to hang and display window boxes.

Patio Covers 89Solid Roof Patio Cover

A solid-roofed patio cover can be attached to the roof line of the house to provide complete coverage when you go outside. This style encompasses a patio cover design that fits in perfectly with the existing design of the home. The effect can be so that the cover was part of the original construction. Roofed patio covers provide total protection from sun, wind, rain and snow. They can be designed so that it covers only the patio, or can be extended a little beyond the edges of the patio. This is ideal if you would like to have a grill outdoors but don’t want to take up patio space, or if you want to cover a separate play pool or sandbox for the kids.

There is no reason why you have to settle for boring patio covers that don’t look good with your home. Custom patio cover design adds value to your home, while enhancing the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space.

What's Your Pick?

Which of these structures would you choose for your yard? Take a look through our project photos and get inspired.