Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Arbors and Pergolas

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

outdoor kitchenA pergola is an excellent addition to a home’s outdoor space. Not only is it able to add value to the home, it offers members of the household a pleasant place to spend time with guests and to enjoy their yard. Outdoor lighting ideas play an important part in making your pergola beautiful. There is a wide range of lighting options available so that you will be able to choose the one that best suits your taste. Below are some outdoor lighting ideas that can help you to make your pergola even more enjoyable in the evenings and at night.

Tiki Torches

This may be the simplest and most affordable of all the outdoor lighting ideas. If you use citronella oil in the tiki torches, this will help to repel insects while providing a soft, ambient glow. You can stick them in the soil around the pergola or in containers of sand. You also have the option of using copper or steel tiki torches that use gas for fuel.

Built-in Lighting

If your pergola is attached to your home, the process of connecting built-in lighting to your home’s wiring will be relatively simple. It will be possible to run the wires along the tops of cross beams so that they are kept out of sight. The lights themselves may be attached to beams or placed in the corners of the pergola where they will provide soft lighting to enhance the ambiance. Solar lights are another option for built-in lights and remove the need for electricity from the home; however, electric lights will generally be brighter and more dependable.

Hanging Lights

This is is one of the outdoor lighting ideas that can add an elegant and refined look to your pergola. Hanging lights are especially good for hanging over a dining area. As with built-in lights, installation of hanging lights will be easier if the pergola is connected your home as this will make it easier to keep the wiring hidden. Types of hanging lights include mini chandeliers and lanterns; you could also add hooks for jars containing candles.

Fire Pits

This option provides heat as well as light. You get to make your pergola warm and cozy in the winter while also illuminating the space with the fire pit’s flames. You have a choice of different fuels including wood, oil or propane.

String or Rope Light

String lights are not just for the holidays. These are an affordable and simple way to light up a pergola. You can go with rope lights if you need a more sturdy option. You can wrap them around your pergola’s cross beams or posts to provide an atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical resort. String or rope lights are among the more popular outdoor lighting ideas that designers use to illuminate pergolas.

You can use any of these outdoor lighting ideas, or combinations of them to create the perfect entertaining area for your home. When used correctly, the outdoor lighting ideas listed above will allow you to show off your pergola as well as the other features of your yard.

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