Ideas for Beautiful Concrete Surfaces

Colby Coward Design and Ideas

Outdoor concrete surfaces don’t have to be limited to boring driveways and cracked sidewalks. Concrete is a versatile material that gives a modern, rustic, or traditional look and feel to any outdoor area. Plain concrete is common in driveways and sidewalks, but nothing says home like a completely personalized driveway and a matching walkway to your front door or backyard.

Concrete steps and patios come to life and give true personality to outdoor areas when they are stamped and textured to look like flagstone, slate, or natural stone. Looks can be deceiving when your pool area, driveway and walkways are stamped and stained to resemble brick or wood plank.

Your neighbors will be in awe, and your guests will be amazed that it’s all made with concrete. Whether you prefer a rustic look or a more modern atmosphere, the versatility of concrete can do it all. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Here are 10 ways you can use concrete in your outdoor spaces. Which look would you choose?

1. Patio – stamped and stained to mimic wood planks.

stamped and stained to mimic wood planks


2. Front walkway – stamped and stained to match this home’s brick exterior.



3. Patio – stamped and stained to resemble multiple colors of slate.



4. Patio – mixing various colors, patterns, and finishes to define areas and create a unique look.



5. Driveway – clean and simple lines for a modern aesthetic.



6. Driveway – stamped and stained to have the character of an old brick road.



7. Add decorative stamping to create a focal point and ground the space.

stamped concrete


8. Steps – stamped and stained to look like flagstone, complementing the stone surround of the hot tub.



9. Patio – stamped and stained to appear as dark slate tiles, bringing a sophisticated beauty to the outdoor kitchen and dining area.



10. Driveway – add color and visual interest by incorporating natural materials, such as grass or moss, within your pattern.


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