How to Host a Great Game Day Party

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Football season is in full swing, and it’s your turn to host a game day party. Make it a memorable event that your friends will be talking about for years, whether your team wins or loses. Here are some ideas to help you get the party started.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve already decided you are going to hold your game day party outside in order to get as much of the full experience as possible. But where, exactly, will you hold it? If you have a deck or patio, that’s the obvious choice, especially if either has some weather protection from heat and rain like these patio covers. If you have an outdoor pool, it makes sense to allow your guests to feel free to enjoy your outdoor pool amenity. Even the most devoted fans may want to step away from the game action for a few minutes and dip their feet in the pool.

Seating and Tables

The average football game lasts about three hours. Although there may be a lot of jumping out of seats, you want to have plenty of available seating for your guests to jump out of. Offer guests a variety of options and make sure they are comfortable. This includes couches, love seats, chairs and maybe even floor pillows and footstools. For the pool area, place plenty of chairs and loungers on the pool surround. Place small tables in as many spots as you can fit. Guests will want to set down food and beverages wherever they are sitting.

Food and Refreshments

It’s a good idea to have a wide assortment of food available and within easy reach of guests, whether they’re by the pool or by the screen. Prepare food dishes far enough ahead so that you don’t have to leave in the middle of a game to make more bean dip or hunt for salsa. Choices for game day party foods include finger foods such as chicken wings, all varieties of chips and dips, hot dogs and hamburgers, and pizza. If you are considering ordering pizza for delivery, remember pizza places are likely to be busy on game day. If you do not want to wait, consider purchasing high quality frozen pizza from the grocery store to heat before the game.


With a big game, most people’s feelings are “Go big or go home.” The bigger the screen, the more likely you are to feel like you are right there. One option is to place your big screen TV outside. Just make sure you have a solid place to put it. Another option is to get a projection screen– which you can get pretty big for a far smaller price than you paid for your television. A good speaker for clear and realistic sound quality is important too.

This year, game day will be a fun day of celebration where you can be surrounded by family and friends as you root your favorite team to victory.

Take the Party Outside

What could you add to make your outdoor space even better for a party? Pick your favorite feature here.