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Get the Best Return On Investment for your Outdoor Living Spaces

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When you purchase a house, you have decided to make an investment in your future. Over time, you want to be able to keep the value of your initial investment or increase it even more. When most people consider home improvement options they concentrate on the cosmetic improvements. The growing trend, however, is to switch the focus to outdoor living spaces that are functional and increase the usable square footage of the home. This can increase entertaining space when you may be limited inside, as well as increase the resale value of the home.

Be Legal

The first step any home renovation or outdoor living project is to make certain you are legal. Construction of a pergola, patio, outdoor kitchen or deck on personal property still requires permits and often approval from your city. Making sure the necessary paperwork in order can help you avoid fines and fees down the road.


The patio has become a highly used area of the home, especially when paired with the right patio cover design. A patio cover can enhance the outdoor living space, add to the value of the home, and alleviate some of the potential issues that can arise with outdoor dining and leisure. Some of the benefits of a quality patio cover include aesthetics, shade, protection from the elements and more. There are many different considerations that go into patio cover design. Click here to see and pin popular options to consider for your backyard.


Adding a deck is a great way to add value to your home for the price. Decks can be a great feature that will help in improving the overall aesthetics of the property. A deck can also be functional as an outdoor living space used for entertaining friends and family. The cost of the deck is usually a minimal investment when considering price per square foot, while the return on investment can be greater. Depending on the neighborhood, the return on investment for a deck can be over 87%.wood deck patio

Deck Options

Depending on your personal preferences, decks can be used to house as an outdoor kitchen with built in grills, sinks, countertops, and extra storage space. A deck can be fully screen in, covered with an awning or arbors, and even heated with solar panels or commercial outdoor heaters. Depending on your personal taste and budget, the options are almost endless.


  • Think about your neighborhood. When building your deck consider what the overall function will be. If you were to build a deck with an outdoor fireplace, heated patio, a full kitchen area, and other luxury items, you may not get as high of a return on your investment. The deck needs to correspond with the community in order to get the best return.
  • Consider the space. You do not want the deck to take up your entire lawn. At the same time you want enough space to enjoy your outdoor living area without feeling cramped and confined.
  • Privacy is the next consideration. You want to enjoy your outdoor living space by focusing on your family and friends without worrying about your neighbor watching you. Fencing in the deck or patio area should be included in your budget.

Fencing & Gates

Having fencing and gates installed on your property can help improve your privacy, increase home protection, creates a safe environment for children to play, and can block excess wind.

board on board fenceWhen considering the type of fencing to be used and the style of the gate, think about your home and your outdoor living space.  You want the overall look to complement the home and outdoor living space. The options for the type of fencing are numerous.

  • Treated pine will be a great choice especially if you live an area with lots of rain or snow. The treated pine helps in the resistance of decay.
  • Cedar wood is a great choice, especially in the south where the exposure to the sun is more prevalent.
  • Composite material is the ecological friendly choice, being made out of recycled materials.

Improving your outdoor space will both increase the functionality and add to your home value. If you already have the outdoor living elements mentioned here, check out our photo gallery for more ideas and inspiration!

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