4 Outdoor Living Features You Can Enjoy All Year Long

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outdoor living features

This homeowner extended their entertaining space by adding a patio cover, providing protection from the elements and allowing for year-round outdoor living.

Your backyard should not just be for summer use. By considering some of the following outdoor living features when planning your backyard landscape and design, you can create a year-round retreat within steps of your back door no matter where you live.

Patio Cover

Building a patios or deck is a common way to extend your home into the outdoors. But outdoor living can be challenging even with a patio or deck when it’s too hot outside or you have some form of precipitation. That is why patio covers are the first item on our list. Patio covers provide shade and shelter from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy nature.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living would simply be spending time outside if you did not have other ways to enhance your experience. With that said, why not go a step further by adding an outdoor kitchen? Outdoor kitchens are the perfect way to get the full outdoor living experience. They provide a way to entertain or enjoy your backyard year round without having to make multiple trips in and out of the house.

Outdoor kitchens are typically covered and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want depending on your preferences, size of the space, and your budget. Some popular features for outdoor kitchens are:

  • Built-in Grill
  • Mini or Full-Size Refrigerator
  • Storage
  • Food Prep-areas
  • Built-in Sink for washing food and dishes
  • Mini-bar

Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. They provide protection from wind, intense sun, and light rain while adding beauty to your space with plants and architectural details. This is a great way to add additional areas to your yard for seating or focal points apart from a deck or patio that is connected to your house.

Fire pit

Fire pits can be both simple or elaborate depending on the city ordinances in your area and your personal taste. They are a cozy and inviting way to extend the use of your outdoor living space through any season.

Fire pits are available in a variety of materials from metals like bronze, steel, and copper, to built-in stone or brick fire pits. Linking a fire pit to a patio and creating a comfortable seating area around it is one way of extending the use of your outdoor living space whether it is for a romantic night under the stars on a summer evening, a cozy retreat to relax in during the cool autumn days, or a quiet winter night roasting marshmallows with the kids. Fire pits add an inviting element to your outdoor living space that is both functional and beautiful.

A home is not just the four walled structure you live in, it is also the outdoor areas that surround it. By investing in the right features when designing your backyard landscape, you can extend the amount of time you spend in your outdoor living space. So if you are looking for ways to expand your living space to the outdoors for year round use, consider any or all of these options and create the tranquil year round outdoor living space of your dreams. Take a loot at our project galleries for more outdoor living inspiration.

There’s still time to add outdoor living elements to your home! Contact us today so you can enjoy your yard all winter.